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Padded rooms

Padded rooms

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Bespoke padded rooms. Padded floors, walls, furniture. Ideal for rooms in schools typically known as withdrawal rooms, calming rooms or "time-out" rooms.

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    We can pad most walls, floors, protrusions, obstacles and we can manufacture furniture such as seating units, desks, steps and similar completely padded.

    These rooms are often installed in schools for pupils with special educational needs, and in facilities where a calming room for people to withdraw into to calm without being able to hurt themselves is required.

    Our padding is available in a range of 28 colours which can be combined to create any effect necessary. Our colour chart of 28 different PVC colours that can be used for your room in any configuration is available here. We make bespoke pads to suit the doors into the room, including cut-outs for viewing panels, door furniture and power and data points.

    The panels are timber backed and either mounted semi-permanently using VELCRO® fasteners, or trapped permanently in timber laths. Semi-permanent fixings are preferable (if suitable) to allow for damaged panels to be removed easily, or to be cleaned thoroughly in the event of urine or vomit damage.

    Padding is typically between 40mm and 100mm thick and the appropriate combination of foams depends on the type of users expected into the facility and the potential for self harm and violence that is expected.

    We require a drawing of the room if it is newly built, or photographs and a sketch with measurements in order to provide a quotation.



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