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Trampoline park rest areas

Trampoline park rest areas


Trampoline park rest areas: For taking a break from jumping, ending a routine, an additional challenge, or to plan your next bounce

  • Full Description

    We normally incorporate a number of rest areas within a main jumping area of a trampoline park.

    Rest areas have a steel sub-structure, encased in timber, with padded panels and padding to the exposed surfaces. They are designed for the following uses:

    • Taking a safe rest from bouncing without taking up a trampoline
    • Landing the last move from a routine
    • An additional challenge given the extra height needed to land on the rest area
    • Chill-out areas for bouncers to plan their next moves

    We manufacture rest areas in a number of styles and sizes:

    • 500mm high square area with vertical padded sides
    • 500mm high rectangle with angled trampolines to the sides
    • 1200mm high rectangle with angled trampolines to the sides

    Rest areas can be padded in any of our PVC colours



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